Ultralight Backpacking

Ultralight backpacking describes a basic backpacking strategy that focuses on a minimal base pack weight, excluding consumables such as food and fuel. Backpacks designed for ultralight backpacking are often a little short on storage. RIBZ can expand the storage capacity of your ultralight set up by adding over 700 cubic inches of usable space.

An additional advantage of RIBZ vests is their load-balancing effect. By placing a portion of the weight on the front and side of your body, the overall load is moved forward, allowing you to stand with improved posture, and move with greater agility. You’ll be amazing at how balance and agile you’ll feel when wearing the RIBZ with your ultralight backpack.

RIBZ can increase the speed of your hiking by placing those essential items within reach. There is no need to remove your ultralight backpack when wearing RIBZ, since you’ll have your energy bar, gps, sunglasses and much more right where you can reach it.

RIBZ vest weighs in at only 9 oz. That is roughly 4lbs less than the average backpack.


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