discovery Discovery. Goodbye Fanny Pack, Hello Front Pack: RIBZ Keeps Essentials at Hand.
Forget rummaging around in your backpack for those little items that always end up in the bottom of your bag. There’s a new breed of backcountry bag in town, one that can keep your essential gear right at hand, no matter what you’re doing. Sure, there are already fanny packs, but you can leave those to bingo halls and flea market shoppers, because RIBZ is here. Read More
backpacking-gear-test The most comprehensive interactive gear reviews and tests on the planet.RIBZ Sportswear RIBZ front pack 2012– Test Reports by Brett Haydin, David Wilkes and Michael Pearl.
nick2 Nicholas “Nick” Bautista – Feb 2012 I’m an ultra distance runner and since first using the RIBZ front pack I’ve logged over 5,000 miles with my setup… I have been using RIBZ in tandem with my hydration pack for almost a year, and I do not run without it. My training schedule is a bit overkill; 125+ mile weeks (with two days off), and many times running for 6-7 hours straight. The RIBZ is my secret weapon during those long training runs and during ultra races. All of the gear that is indispensable to an ultra runner; gels, food, first-aid, is right at my finger-tips without having to stop, slow down, or even look. No more having to fumble through waist pouches that bounce around or taking off the hydration pack to reach my gear. Also, having my essential gear in the RIBZ and secondary gear in my hydration pack distributes the weight perfectly, no matter how much stuff I carry.I’m wearing the RIBZ for my next 100 miler at the New Jersey Ultra Festival in March 2012, the IBU 50 miler in April, a 100k in August, a 50k in September, and the McNaughton 200 miler in Vermont, 2013. RIBZ are absolutely now part of my essential gear. I have never relied on anyone but myself in life and the same goes for ultra running. With the RIBZ, I am my own aid-station.” Quite simply, I’ll never race or train without RIBZ ever again..
hawke-ribz-best Mykel Hawke – Aug 2012
The RIBZ front pack is made of the highest grade nylon available. All components are water resistant and have proven durability in the most extreme of conditions. The Ribz front pack can be used alone as a vest but is primarily designed to work with your existing backpack as increased funtionality.
upadowna UpaDowna – February 2011 Gear Review: Ribz Front Pack by Yeti If you are in the market for a pack that lets you keep your most needed items at the ready then the Ribz Front Pack is worth a look. To be honest I really, really dig this product. Sure I think it could use some tweaking here and there, but on the whole this is a pretty sweet set up that I think all backpackers, from day hikers to distance hikers, would be stoked to have.
sar Thomas Bourgoine – August 2010 I have been a mountaineer specializing in rock and ice climbing for 20 plus years. In 2009 I spent a total of 151 days in the back country training and instructing Wilderness Search and Rescue missions in New Hampshire and Vermont. Being able to make my living in the outdoors I have naturally become a serious “Equipment Fanatic”. I have a gear room that would make anyone proud. Very few items have changed the way I hike or operate in the back woods quite like my RIBZ have. Many things have promised and under delivered. The RIBZ pack made a small claim to change my hiking habits and they way over delivered. Being able to access all my essentials , Navigation gear, headlight, extra batteries, trauma kit, note book, camera , munchies, etc without having to stop and dig through my pack has been a great asset and time saver. As a Wilderness EMT having fast access to gloves and medical supplies is huge. Not putting off eating and refueling because I don’t have the time to stop has been a huge blessing. Particularly during SAR missions when time can be so critical to saving lives RIBZ have made me perform better. As a climber I have found the RIBZ comfortable and amazingly useful for keeping my camera and smaller equipment close at hand. If you have ever been stuck belaying and unable to get to something in your pack you will certainly appreciate RIBZ. I know I do.
gear-junkie-logo The Gear Junkie – July 2010 In the world of backpacks, there is a niche category of products that positions compartments and pouches over the chest. Called “frontpacks,” these gear-carrying modules are made by small companies like Aarn Designs, Syncpack, and LuxuryLite.You usually wear a frontpack in tandem with a backpack. The theory is that a load up front will move weight forward on the body to counterbalance a heavy haul on back. Read More