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The RIBZ pack was first created in the late 90’s by a group of back country mountaineers from San Diego, CA. Testing the quality of our equipment and the absolute limits of how far we can go with it is still what we do today. As with many gear junkies, it’s a constant discussion as to what can be done to simplify our gear?

Making everything lighter is the obvious solution, but for long, extended trips it can be very difficult to cut back on too many of the essential components for a safe trip. Constantly going back and forth to a backpack is a problem that really stood out. Why not have access to some of your equipment from your chest? There are several quality products that can be attached to an existing pack that help to resolve this problem, yet these additional components do not transition into all the sports and activities that can benefit from the use of a front pack.

After many years of testing countless prototypes and designs, the RIBZ pack was born. The RIBZ front pack allows every adventurist the ability to reap the benefits of accessing their gear with ease. The RIBZ patented design can be worn with any hydration pack, any day pack, any large pack, or any available backpack ever created. It also makes for a great pack all by itself. The ability to remove a backpack and still have your most essential items in a comfortable and easy to access location is what sets the RIBZ apart on its own……..


GEORGE Head of Operations is Sierra Designs original co-founder, Mr. George Marks. George has a long history in delivering some of the most convenient, cutting edge, and practical outdoor gear to the world of adventure junkies. He is most notably recognized as the original co-founder of Sierra Designs and his innovations in tent technology, but there is a extensive list of many products we continue to use today that are all thanks to George’s visionary expertise. A quick summary on George Marks and the history of outdoor gear can be viewed here.


thornton RIBZ is based in Coronado California, home to The United States Navy Seals. For many years the military has valued the benefits and utility of the front pack. The ability to carry heavier loads and the simplicity of accessing your gear with ease has proven its effectiveness. It was for this reason that the RIBZ team spent countless hours carefully evaluating all of the different calculated designs in an effort to perfect a model for all outdoor recreation. RIBZ was co-created by the most often decorated US Navy SEAL Frank Thornton. Frank has been awarded 17 individual combat awards for valor and has carried load bearing gear of all shapes and sizes from the combat zones of South East Asia, through the sands of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan. Frank KNOWS gear. After careful assessment of every available product, we created the RIBZ design to be the most practical and functional for any situation in need of accessible gear access. Designed to work with any backpack, RIBZ allow you to carry your most important items in a fast and ready location. The re-positioning of weight will increase your comfort, balance and mobility. Independently, RIBZ can be used as a vest or day pack for fishing, hunting, extreme running, kayaking, biking, off roading and climbing. With all your essentials centralized RIBZ outdoor sportswear will simplify your life and your time. Let us know where you’re headed with yourz